Terms and Conditions 

Family Time Solutions (FTS) Terms & Conditions

The client engaging in the services provided by FTS must accept the terms and conditions of the business. Please ensure that this document has been read by all clients involved in the proposed contact sessions before the referral form and client agreement form is signed. Where necessary, please explain any section of the document which may be unclear.

Referral Form

Our Referral Fee is £50 (non-refundable) once received, a decision will be made based on the information given if FTS are able to provide the requested requirements.

If the contact has been referred by Social Services details of the case will be requested if applicable or the relevant court papers to inform the risk assessment.

Confirmation will not be agreed until the referral form has been completed to a satisfactory level. Once this has been completed and returned, booking, and confirming the schedule of contact sessions can take place.

If confirmation has not been received 7 days prior to the scheduled contact taking place, FTS reserves the right to suspend/ cancel the session.

Court Orders

FTS is an independent Limited company and therefore reserve the right to suspend and if necessary, terminate contact.


Additional charges will be incurred if a contact session runs up to, equal or greater than 15 minutes. Further charges will be payable for each subsequent 15 minutes.

All payments which are not cleared within the time scale set out will incur an additional £40 administration charge.


FTS require any person attending contact to ensure they arrive 15 minutes early. 

To avoid distress / uncertainty for children having contact, parents / carers must arrive within 15 minutes of the agreed meeting time otherwise the contact session will be cancelled, and the children returned home. If a pattern of delayed or late arrivals is considered likely to be prejudicial to the children’s wellbeing and will result in our suspending and possibly terminating contact.

Contact parents/family members who have been unavoidably delayed should telephone us and if practical we will arrange for the children to wait.

Failure to attend for visits on three consecutive occasions will result in contact being suspended. A persistent pattern of poor attendance will result in our reducing the frequency of contact or suspending contact. We would ask parents/visitors to let us know as soon as possible if they are unable to attend. A period of 48 hours is required to cancel a contact with no penalty charge. Failure to give 48 hours’ notice will mean that the full payment will still be required.

Emotional Abuse

FTS have zero tolerance of emotional abuse, and any incident will result in intervention and if necessary, the contact being terminated. FTS will also report any incidents to the referring agency. 

Domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse.

FTS will intervene and respond with the relevant action if there are concerns over a child’s safety and well-being. If staff feel there is an immediate risk of physical/emotional harm or to a child or any other individual involved in the session, including the staff member leading the session. The session will be terminated, and the police will be called if necessary.

This will be raised immediately with the non-present parent/visitor and reported to the referring agency in both verbal and written form. If informing the parent could place the child at higher risk an exemption would be made. 

Before any future contact can be resumed, a decision will need to be made by the court/referring agency.

Physical Safety

Statutory obligations of the Health and Safety legislation is followed by all staff. The named individuals on the referral agreement form are responsible for the physical safety and well-being of the child.

Security and Abduction

Security and abduction are taken extremely seriously at FTS. If there is a high risk that abduction might take place or if there is history of it happening before FTS may require information to be lodged with the police prior to the contact taking place.

The police will be contacted immediately should a person leave the contact session with the child. No physical restraint will be made by staff in attempt to stop them from leaving.

Racism and Discrimination

Discriminatory or racist behaviour will not be tolerated, and FTS will intervene if deemed necessary.

If there have been any incidents whereby racism or discrimination has taken place, this will be reported to all relevant parties. Incidents will also be reported to the police if the law has been broken.

Drug and Alcohol

FTS have a strict no drug and alcohol policy. Any person suspected or known to be under the influence will not be able to attend the session.

Mobile telephones/ Recording equipment

At FTS we require mobile phones to be switched off throughout the duration of the contact, unless agreed otherwise. If there is a genuine reason that a person must keep their phone on, this will be discussed with the supervisor and special arrangements will be made if deemed appropriate.

Reporting Policy 

Public Law Proceedings 

Records of contact will be made available to the Local Authority within 48 hours of each contact. The Local Authority will be responsible for ensuring that any record FTS supplies to them are made available to the family members or others attending for contact. 

Private Law Proceedings 

FTS will not be required to disclose records of contact as this would undermine the privacy of the session. If FTS raise a safeguarding concern this will be raised with those holding parental responsibility of the child. The Local Authority will be notified of the concerns if necessary. 

Private Law Proceedings 

FTS will not be required to disclose its records or provide written reports for use in the court unless the court overrides this for the best interest of the child.

FTS will only agree to supervise a contact once the court has ordered for a report to be provided by a statutory agency where they consider it appropriate.

If parents are not in agreement with FTS services, the supervised contact will not go ahead and will be put on hold and closed if a decision has not been made within 4 weeks.

Public Law Proceedings/assessments 

FTS will provide records of supervised contact and reports on request, to the Local Authority. 


If any person wishes to raise a complaint regarding any aspect of the services FTS provide this should be raised with the staff member supervising contact. If it is felt that the complaint has not been dealt with appropriately, then the complaint should be put into writing and raised with the Manager who will investigate the matter. 

Liability of Vehicles and belongings 

FTS will not be held accountable for any damage caused to visitor’s property take into the contact sessions or vehicles, this will be entirely at the visitors own risk.