Mobile Supervised Contact 

At Family Time Solutions we provide mobile supervised contact to high-risk families and offer bespoke packages alongside this. After working in residential family assessment for the past 7 years, we are fully aware of the need for contacts to take place nearer the child, especially if they are placed at a considerable distance from their parent/parents and siblings. 

Too often, we have seen contacts unable to take place due to the logistics involved with putting this into place. We offer a service that is mobile to allow for more flexible contact. 

Experience has highlighted a shortage in contacts taking place whereby a fully comprehensive report on the non-resident parent/family member is supplied.  This has often resulted in care proceedings being delayed due to a lack of evidence. We are a team of skilled practitioners and between us have extensive knowledge in writing evidence-based feedbacks and reports. Each contact session will come with a fully comprehensive report within 48hours of the session taking place. 

Supervised contact can take place at any agreed location, and we encourage families accessing community resources so that the environment is more natural for all those involved.