All children subject to protective intervention by the state, should be allowed contact with their families, unless this is considered to be contray to their welfare’   Children Act 1989


Family Time Solutions was founded by two former colleagues, Sue Stewart, and Katie Carr who have backgrounds in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in parenting assessments under the direction of the courts. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with vulnerable children and families where mental health issues, domestic abuse/violence, substance misuse, child development, learning needs and disabilities often over lap one another.

Katie Carr

Sue Stewart

What We Do….

At Family Time Solutions our specially trained and experienced staff ensure they provide a professional and reliable service which is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. 

We aim to provide families with a safe and welcoming environment to enable the promotion of positive relationships during what can be a distressing time for all involved. 

We strongly believe that all children and their families should be supported and valued and always aim to maximise positive outcomes. 

All contact sessions are accompanied with a detailed and fully comprehensive report written in line with evidence-based practice. Reports will be sent to the allocated Local Authority/ Legal team within a maximum of 48 hours to inform assessments and permanence planning. 


We work closely with local authorities, legal services and Children and Family teams to support and promote contact between children and their families if this is in the best interest of the child as required by The Children Act 1989.

The services we offer cover the Southwest and by special arrangement, can be offered to other regions. Our hours are flexible to include after school and weekend sessions to accommodate both the child and the non-resident parent. 

Drug and Alcohol testing, handovers and transportation of both child and parent to venues can be included on request.  

Family Time Solutions offer welfare checks, assessment support in the community, and enabling services, supporting families in their own home. Packages offered, are tailored alongside the refering Local Authority to meet individual needs.

We actively welcome suggestions at Family Time Solutions regarding the services we provide. 

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